DNS Checker

Check how the DNS records have propagated globally

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DNS Checker?

DNS Checker is a tool that checks DNS records from across the world.

What are all these Configurations in the result?

Our DNS checker groups identical DNS outputs into configurations. This generates a more compact output.

For example, Facebook has servers distributed across the world. Querying ADDRESS (A) records for facebook.com will return different IP addresses depending upon the geographic location.

However, the data centers in Virginia and Ohio return the same IP addresses. Because of the grouping of DNS responses into Configurations, we are able to clearly highlight that the two regions point to the same IP address.

Why Use DNS Checker?

DNS Checker can be used to verify if the changes you have made to the DNS records have been propagated to DNS servers across the world.

How long does it take for DNS changes to propagate across the world?

Some DNS changes such as NameServer might take as long as 48 hours. DNS checker is extremely useful to verify NameServer changes.