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Lowest price in the market! As low as $0.38 per HTTP monitor and $0.10 per domain expiration monitor every month.
For individual user
$0 $0
(Billed at $0/year)
Approx. Usage
~ 1 HTTP monitor
(5 min check)
Hard Limit
5 HTTP monitors
5 WHOIS monitors
  • -
  • 50,000 monthly credits
  • 5 minutes monitor frequency
  • HTTP, PING, Port monitors
  • WHOIS, DNS, SSL monitors
  • Redirect monitors
  • Email alerts
For small teams
$4.95 $4.58
(Billed at $54.95/year)
Approx. Usage
~ 46 WHOIS monitors
Hard Limit
100 HTTP monitors
100 WHOIS monitors
For medium teams
$29.95 $25.00
(Billed at $299.95/year)
Approx. Usage
~ 66 HTTP monitors
(1 min check)
~ 249 WHOIS monitors
Hard Limit
500 HTTP monitors
500 WHOIS monitors
For large teams
$49.95 $37.50
(Billed at $449.95/year)
Approx. Usage
~ 99 HTTP monitors
(1 min check)
~ 374 WHOIS monitors
Hard Limit
1000 HTTP monitors
1000 WHOIS monitors
For global teams
$79.95 $56.25
(Billed at $674.95/year)
Approx. Usage
~ 199 HTTP monitors
(1 min check)
~ 749 WHOIS monitors
Hard Limit
2000 HTTP monitors
2000 WHOIS monitors
  • Everything in Business and
  • 12,000,000 monthly credits
For elite teams
$99.95 $75.00
(Billed at $899.95/year)
Approx. Usage
~ 299 HTTP monitors
(1 min check)
~ 1,124 WHOIS monitors
Hard Limit
15000 HTTP monitors
15000 WHOIS monitors
  • Everything in Premium and
  • 18,000,000 monthly credits
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Whether you are an individual user, a small team, or an enterprise, Pinger Man has the right plan for your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the FREE plan?

The free plan allows you to use the Pinger Man service without buying a paid subscription, albeit with reduced functionality.

3. Can I upgrade at any time?

You can change plans at any time. A pro-rated refund will be issued when you switch between paid plans.

5. What is credit?

Credit is the internal currency that allows you to pay for only the services/resources you use.

Checkout the Credits page for more information.

7. How do subscriptions work?

A Subscription is a fixed price you pay every month/year. They add credits to your balance. Also, some features are only available in higher subscription plans.

A higher subscription plan includes all features of the lower plan and adds some of its own.

2. Can I cancel any time?

You can choose between immediate cancellation or when the billing cycle ends. A pro-rated refund will be issued for immediate cancellation (if applicable).

4. Can I have a discount?

Yearly plans have discounts ranging from 7% to 24%.

6. What is the cost of 1 monitor?

Given below is a rough estimate of the cost of a monitor. The actual price varies on usage.

Monitor TypeMonthly Cost
HTTP Monitor$0.38 per monitor
Domain Expiration Monitor$0.10 per monitor

8. What is a credit pack?

A credit pack is a top-up that adds a certain number of credits to your balance once.

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