Monitor Domain Expiration

Track all your domains in a single dashboard!

Domain Expiration Dashboard
Key Features

Track all your domains in a single dashboard & receive expiration reminders to renew them

Monitor all your Domains in a Single Dashboard
Don't let your domains expire. Track all of them in a single dashboard.
WHOIS Monitor List

Tracking Expiring Domains

Pinger Man monitors the expiry dates of your Domains and sends alerts before they expire.
WHOIS Monitoring
Tracking Expiring Domains
Pinger Man monitors the expiry dates of your Domains and sends alerts before they expire.
Receive Domain Expiration Alerts
Receive alerts via email notification, SMS, Slack, and Twitter.
Domain Expiration Monitoring
Import all your domains in Bulk
Import all your domains from a list.
Bulk Import WHOIS Monitors
Import all your domains in Bulk
Import all your domains from a list.
Automatically Import Domains from Registrars
Connect Pinger Man with your Domain Registrars such as NameCheap & AWS Route53 to automatically import all your Domains. The set-and-forget mode imports any new Domains you purchase or transfer.
WHOIS Import Brands
Lowest price in the market! As low as $0.45 per HTTP monitor and $0.15 per domain expiration monitor every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to get started.

Is Pinger Man Free?

We offer a free plan with 50,000 monthly credits.

What is WHOIS Monitor?

WHOIS monitor is our specialized monitor for tracking the expiration dates of domains.

This is done by fetching the publicly available WHOIS information.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is an easy-to-remember address for a website. It helps your visitors come back to it.

Choosing a good domain name is essential because it is the first thing users notice about your website. Browsers convert domain names to IP addresses which helps locate the actual computer the website is running on.

Why use Domain monitoring?

Domain monitoring is an important part of a company's brand protection program. Companies such as Microsoft and Foursquare have been on the receiving end of accidental domain expiration because they forgot to renew their domains. It causes a loss of business and harms your brand.

The auto-renewal setting in the domain registrars solves this problem. Although, it might lead to the renewal of domains you no longer want. WHOIS monitoring prevents the accidental expiration of all your Domains without forcing you to renew them.

Alternatively, you can also use the WHOIS monitor to keep track of domains not owned by you and buy them when the registration expires and the Domain is out of the grace period.

What happens when your domain expires?

After your domain expires, it goes through several stages. First, you will be contacted by your host company with billing attempts for you to renew it.

There is also a grace period during which you can repurchase and maintain ownership but pay an additional amount known as a redemption fee. The domain is auctioned if you do not get in touch during the grace period.

Not all domains are bought through auction, so if no one buys, it goes back to the registry, and anyone looking for a domain's registration can buy it in the open market.

How to setup domain expiration monitoring?

Add a Pinger Man WHOIS check for monitoring your Domain. Pinger Man checks the expiration date of your Domain every 24 hours and sends you a reminder 30 days (configurable) before the domain expiry date. The monitor is marked as down.

When you renew your Domain or transfer it to another provider, the expiry date goes above the 30-day reminder period. The next time Pinger Man checks your Domain's registration information, it will see a new expiration date. The monitor comes Up, and a notification is sent to your email address.

We support Bulk importing of WHOIS monitors.