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Focused WHOIS Monitoring

by Partho Sarathi

Previously, we released a feature to filter monitors by type. This update takes it a step further by customizing the table for WHOIS monitors.

Relevant Columns for WHOIS Monitors

  1. We removed Uptime, Downtime, Response Time & Last 24 Hours as they are not relevant for WHOIS monitors.
  2. We added Expires On and Days Left columns to WHOIS monitors. These tell you when your Domain is about to expire.

WHOIS Monitor Filter

See the domains expiring soon first

The listing of WHOIS monitors are now sorted by the expiry date. The domains which are about to expire soon are listed at the top.

Domain Details Tab

When you click on a WHOIS monitor, it's detail screen shows the new Domain tab by default. This tab shows whether the Domain is valid, expiring soon or already expired. Also, you can see when it expires, how many days are left and when the Alerts are sent.

WHOIS Monitor Detail

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